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Private Training

Movement, balance, strength, flexibility, healing from injury, peace of mind...

Private training can offer you undivided attention to your specific goals.

The benefits of private training include a physical assessment that will include your past injuries and surgeries, physical conditions, past illnesses, posture analysis, as well as your day-to-day activities. Our instructor can then tailor an exercise plan specifically for you to obtain your health and wellness goals


We are here to help guide you on your fitness journey and provide you with safe and effective training to maintain health and wellness in your everyday activities and lives.

 Pilates   •   Strength and Toning   •      Injury Rehabilitation   •   Yoga  • Prenatal Yoga  •  Essentrics  •  Nutrition and Wellness •   Health Coach for Nutrition & Lifestyle •  Belly Dance   •   Dance Conditioning   •   Performance Coaching   •   Dance •  The Nia Technique   •   Thai Bodywork   •   Aikido   •    Meditation  Mindfulness & Breathwork    

START TODAY! $30 off your first Private Pilates Session

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