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Feldenkrais Method®
Awareness through Movement
Each lesson begins with simple movements, which gradually increase in complexity, all organized around a function such as hip opening, movement of the shoulder girdle, or organizing head and neck. You'll discover greater flexibility, improved balance, grace, and pleasure in moving. ATM is a wonderful complement to dance, yoga, Pilates, Nia, and other movement modalities.

Pioneered by Israeli physicist/engineer and martial artist Moshe Feldenkrais, the method offers a unique, profound way to examine and change your habitual and often limiting ways of moving. By attending how you move, you’ll discover how to improve the quality of your movement.
“It's nice to live and move in a way that is pleasing to you.“—Dr. Jeff Haller, Feldenkrais trainer
"Being in class with Angela and others who are seeking relief, connection, peace, dexterity, awareness in body, mind, heart/soul is the highlight of my week!"—Trish
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