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Nia Q & A

with Jule Aguirre

just drop by! no RSVP necessary 

Saturday 3/7, 11:30-noon



Get all your questions answered!


Jule would love to share MORE with you about EVERYTHING NIA...answering any questions you have about focus, format, schedule, etc or the Nia White Belt Training, Nia classes and Nia Moving to Heal.

Following class, join us in talking all about Nia!

Get a head-start at!


with Mind-Body Psychotherapist, Jule Aguirre, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

6 day format: 

March 27-April 1


2 weekend format:

June 6-8 & June 12-14


Consciously shape the way you feel, look, think and LIVE with the somatic education of the Nia white belt intensive training! Whether you desire to go deeper into your personal Nia practice, seek personal growth and transformation, or to become a Nia facilitator, the Nia Intensive will change your life!!

​The Nia White Belt Training presents a body centered approach to mastering the art of moving, living, and fully being in your body.  Over the course of the training, you will comprehensively explore Nia’s foundational principles, taking you into deeper awareness of you and your body, accessing greater Joy and pleasure, and consciously living with personal power and freedom!

Don't miss this sensation-rich opportunity of self-discovery!

...uniquely designed for all ages, fitness levels & educational backgrounds!




2-Day Training

with Jule Aguirre

June 7-8, 2019

Designed with the unifying theme of healing, the Nia Moving to Heal Training provides you with the knowledge and skills to receive therapeutic benefits through the moving practice of Nia.  Founded on the art of movement and the philosophy of The Body's Way, you will learn techniques to adapt Nia therapeutically and how to successfully use Nia movement and principles to feel better.  

Topics covered include philosophy of healing and The Body's Way, sensation science, somatic anatomy, movement, and how music enhances the therapeutic movement experience.


The training places specific emphasis on the ethics of healing

and compassionate movement while considering the needs of diverse students.

People with short and long term illness benefit by using movement as part of their prescription for healing, whether it be anxiety/depression, cancer, chronic pain, arthritis, Parkinson’s, brain injuries, compassion fatigue, eating disorders, etc.


Whether you desire to go deeper into your personal healing practice, or to share Moving to Heal programming with clients by becoming a Moving to Heal Facilitator, this training will IGNITE your healing potential! 


ideal for therapists, healthcare professionals, people who seek healing, movement facilitators…EVERYBODY!!!




with Jay Stylz


First class free!

Single class: $20

5 class package for $80 (expire after 6 weeks)

more info at


Mondays, 8:30-10:30p

Salsa Fundamentals On2

Tuesdays, 8:30-10:30p

Salsa Levels 1 & 2

Wednesdays, 8:30-10:30p

Bachata: Dominican footwork, leading and following techniques, Sensual Bachata, manipulating body movements and turn patterns

Salsa Fundamentals On2: Footwork for turns, timing and musicality, leading and following techniques, and basic turn patterns

Salsa Levels 1 & 2: Salsa shines and styling, leading and following techniques, and intricate turn patterns

Group classes are a fun and easy way to learn how to dance and make new friends!

All classes are two hours long. The first hour is spent doing footwork in front of the mirror. The last hour of class is for partnerwork.

Do you need a partner? NO! There is NO PARTNER NECCESSARY!  During the second hour of class we set up a rotation so everyone has the chance to dance with each other! This is very useful in helping you strengthen your lead or follow by making you adapt to your partner.


Each class is open for ALL levels of dancers as Jay starts from right foot left foot and progress upward throughout the class. As well as expand on your Ballroom Dancing Lessons!

More info at


Classes & Private Lessons

with Sensei Lynn Fabia 

$14 per class drop-in OR $85 per month for up to 2 classes/week. No registration necessary; all classes are mixed level; beginners and drop-ins are welcome! 
For info: 469.767.5864 or website 

Class Schedule 
Sundays, 10:15-11:15a
Thursdays 6-7p


with Ramiro Gonzalez

Sunday evenings, $15 per person per class
For men and women, no partner needed. Private lessons also available. Call Ramiro for info: 972.215.8880

more info at

Sundays Class Schedule

West Coast Swing 5-6p

Beginner Salsa 6-7p

Intermediate/Advanced Salsa 7-8p

Advanced Salsa 8-9p

Join us for classes in Salsa, Bachata and West Coast Swing every Sunday! Beginner through Intermediate/Advanced. No partner necessary. Classes are taught by nationally recognized champion dancer and instructor, Ramiro Gonzalez.

Ramiro was inducted into the National Living Legend of Dance in 2000 and the WSDC National Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2013. He is especially known for his ability to dance and teach both the "lead" and the "follow" parts in dance. Signature marks of his dance style are high energy, original material and intricate footwork.


Visit for more info!

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