For 21 years, we've been helping people move with more joy and ease! MoveStudio's mission is to nurture the body, mind, and soul through movement and community.
We are a welcoming place for the student seeking to become stronger and to heal from the physical and environmental stressors. With skilled, encouraging, and compassionate instructors, a wide variety of offerings, and a friendly and nonjudgmental culture, there is a place for you at MoveStudio.
MoveStudio requires no membership, contract, or registration fees. You can sign up based on the class type- and simply pay as you go for the sessions, classes, and workshops.

Love the way you move at MoveStudio or at home. 
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Nurture your body, mind and soul through movement and community support, in the comfort of your own home.
We are offering over 40 incredible classes weekly- the same yoga, Nia, Pilates & fitness classes with the MoveStudio instructors you love. 
Let's continue to move together!