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Specials & Discounts

MoveStudio loves to support our community through movement and exercise. We offer a variety of class styles including yoga, Pilates, Nia™, and fitness with the MoveStudio instructors you love. Join us for class in the studio, or you can practice from the comfort of your own home with our virtual offerings!

Check back often to see about our specials!






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Infrared Sauna

While you may not think of jumping into the sauna in summer, sauna therapy is beneficial throughout the year! 

Jump start some new healthy routines this month!

Enjoy a post-workout infrared sauna session:
An infrared sauna session can also help alleviate sore muscles after a hard workout. Consider spending just fifteen minutes in the sauna post-workout. Sitting in the sauna can boost circulation and reduce cramping and stiffness. You can simply make your sauna session part of your regular workout routine.

Infrared sauna session for a good night's rest:

The direct heat gives your body the relaxation it needs to wind down and relax. This promotion of healthy sleep is also good news for those who struggle to regulate sleep patterns. A session before bedtime can promote relaxation of the muscles and mind, which are required for a healthy night’s sleep.
Infrared Sauna

Intro to Belly Dance Video

Develop strength, grace, and fluidity while you explore this beautiful art form!

MoveStudio's Belly Dance Program allows each student to continue to develop and build on skills, as each series features fresh choreography.

Gain a firmer foundation in the muscle awareness and mind-body connection necessary to grow as a dancer. Experience the thrill of mastering the basic steps, isolations, musical rhythms and layering of movement!

Start by requesting your free Intro to Belly Dance Video or registering in the Intro to Belly Dance Class on Monday 8/29. Next Basics Series starts 9/12!
Belly Dance
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Pilates Special

Pilates is a non-impact, non-aerobic, deep muscle conditioning method that tones and strengthens the whole body, with special emphasis on the powerhouse (the abdominal, gluteal, inner thigh, and back muscles).

Pilates improves flexibility and posture while strengthening the muscles deep in the torso and around the spine to help prevent injuries and alleviate chronic pain. It can help sculpt long, lean muscles from head to toe, improve coordination, correct body imbalances, and prevent osteoporosis. Pilates is a great form of exercise for preventative care.


Teacher Appreciation

Let's shower teachers with some love by giving them complimentary Teacher Appreciation Certificates for a free class/infrared sauna session!

Show them your gratitude for all they do! Request the Teacher Appreciation Certificates for your school/classroom, using the link below. Once we receive your request, we will create personalized certificates for you to give to the teachers.

Nurture your teachers just as they nurture the students they serve. We want to give them the gift of movement for their own health and well-being. They deserve it!

Also, did you know we offer a teacher discount off our class passes? Just show your teacher ID to activate the discount on your account the next time you're at the studio!
Auction / Raffle
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Auction & Raffle Certificates

Are you having an auction fundraiser for your organization or community? We'd love to help support causes that make a positive impact in our community by offering a complimentary class pass/infrared sauna certificate. 
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