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Pilates Mat

pilates matPilates is a non-impact, non-aerobic, deep muscle conditioning method that tones and strengthens the whole body, with special emphasis on the powerhouse (the abdominal, gluteal, inner thigh and back muscles). It improves flexibility and posture while strengthening the muscles deep in the torso and around the spine to help prevent injuries and alleviate chronic pain. It can help sculpt long, lean muscles from head to toe, improve coordination, correct body imbalances, and prevent osteoporosis. Pilates provides total body conditioning without the bulky results of weight training. The exercises can be modified to range from gentle to challenging, depending on your fitness level and goals. The Pilates method is so safe and so effective, it's often used in physical therapy facilities to help rehabilitate and prevent injuries. Discover for yourself why Pilates is one of the hottest trends in mind-body fitness. Our Pilates Mat classes are classical Joseph Pilates Method style with various influences. Beginners, the best place to start is in our Pilates Mat Basics series classes.

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Pilates Mat Basics

The fundamental Pilates mat exercises, with modifications offered for those who need them.  This class is ideal if you are new to Pilates, have physical limitations, or simply prefer a less challenging flow than our mixed-level classes.  Also a great opportunity for experienced students to go “back to the basics” and work more slowly and deeply.

Pilates Core Fusion

A Pilates-based mat class enhanced with various core-strengthening fitness methods and use of props and equipment including hand weights, resistance bands, magic circle/flex rings, mini-balls, full-size exercise balls, BOSU, etc. Each instructor adds their own unique experience and style. 

Pilates Body Flow

A gentle yet highly effective physical toning and conditioning method that improves flexibility, builds core strength and stability by generally focusing on the deep abdominal muscles. These exercises incorporate basic Pilates postures, breathing techniques, back strengthening, balance, and postural awareness, and incorporates various stretching postures throughout. This mat session is easily adapted for all levels, and may use stability balls, and Pilates ring as needed.

Prenatal Pilates

Rather than simply modifying a regular Pilates or exercise class, our prenatal Pilates classes are specifically designed to help prepare the body and the mind for labor, delivery and motherhood. You will learn and practice specifically modified exercises safe for mom and baby that help maintain or correct posture and prevent neck and lower back pain, sciatica symptoms and other common complaints associated with pregnancy. These classes are appropriate for both beginning and experienced Pilates practitioners in their second and third trimesters with their doctor's OK to exercise.

Tone & Sculpt

Tone your body and increase your metabolism by building muscle mass. This class targets all the major muscle groups: arms, legs, back, chest, shoulders, and abs. We'll use a variety of equipment including hand weights, resistance bands and more. Athletic shoes preferred for safety.

Tone & Stretch

Designed to increase stability, strength, flexibility, muscle tone, coordination, and agility.  Tone & Stretch is a "lighter" version of Tone & Sculpt. The class includes toning exercises using hand weights, resistance bands and more, as well as yoga-inspired stretching.

Decrease muscle stiffness and tension, and enable your muscles to work more effectively. Improve flexibility, which can decrease your risk of injury by helping your joints move through their full range of motion.

Modifications are offered to help meet each student’s individual needs. Bare feet or sneakers.  

POUND® Rockout Workout

Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.

Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out!


niaDiscover the transformational power of joyful and purposeful movement! Nia blends an invigorating cardio workout with global dance forms, martial arts, yoga, creative movement and powerful imagery. Experience the expressiveness of dance, the power and explosiveness of the martial arts, and the wisdom of healing forms of bodywork. Nia is not just a workout or a dance class; it's a life practice that works with the natural wisdom and intelligence of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Nia actually teaches you how to move with more awareness, openness, comfort and joy.

jule niaIf you've given up the quest for perfect inner thighs in favor of inner peace; if you strive for oneness instead of thinness; if you want a class focused more on your heart than your heart rate; if a more nurturing, less punishing workout sounds appealing; then Nia is for you! Nia is the ultimate "East meets West" method to tone body, mind and spirit. Nia's barefoot, grounded approach maximizes body efficiency and teaches us to consciously move in a gentler way. The result is a fusion of movement styles that is more free than other cardiovascular exercises. Modern and jazz dance movements are mixed with heart-pumping kicks and blocks as well as subtle therapeutic suggestions and visualization techniques to help develop awareness and heightened sensation.

Out goes the credo "no pain, no gain," and in comes the pleasure principle, "If it feels good, do it!" Nia can be done by anyone and is easily adapted to personal needs. It challenges and fulfills the old and young, fit and not-so-fit, dancer and non-dancer alike. You have to experience it to understand why Nia devotees are so passionate about this fast-growing fitness method.

For more about the Nia Technique, go to www.nia-now.com.

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Nia Moving to Heal 

Nia Moving to Heal is ‘Movement as Medicine’ and is for anybody seeking a gentler movement practice to compliment and facilitate healing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Nia Moving to Heal experience is defined simply by “I feel better.” Students learn how to personalize movement to adapt to their comfort and health needs. Chairs are even made available for students to utilize for maximum stability, pleasure and comfort.

Nia is the one movement practice that delivers the creative expression of dance, the power of the martial arts, and the functional movement of the healing arts, creating a synergistic blend of movement forms that no other isolated movement form can match!

Nia Moving to Heal teaches people to listen to the voice of the body – sensation. Sensation is a tool for self-healing. Sessions begin with a body awareness walk (or seated as needed) and ends with body gratitude. Students are guided through a mindful movement experience using Nia’s 7 class cycles beginning with a focus and intent, warm up, mindful movement, cool down, movement on the floor (or chair) and consciously stepping out. Each session culminates in a “Dancing Through Life” tip – to bring the self-healing focus into the individuals’ daily lives.

For over 35 years Nia has been helping people to use movement to feel better in their body, and helping people with short and long term illness benefit by using movement as part of their prescription for healing, whether it be cancer, chronic pain, anxiety/depression, Parkinson's, brain injuries, eating disorders, etc, use Moving to Heal to step in to your body's healing potential!

Nia 5 Stages™

Nia's Classic Practice of the 5 Stages of Self-Healing consists of 5 powerful movements: embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing, and walking. We begin in embryonic and move through each of the 5 Stages consecutively, without thinking, seeking the sensation of pleasure. This allows you to sense the natural ability your body has to realign itself and self-heal through movement.

In this class, we follow The Body's Way, the science behind Nia, which provides a map to explore function and use of body parts. This unique map provides the information you will use to help organically re-pattern and re-structure your body. The object of practicing the Nia 5 Stages is to prepare the body to become more functional, energetic, and comfortable while moving, dancing Nia, running, or while in yoga postures such as downward dog, spinal twist, forward bend, or child's pose. Used individually, each stage of movement gives you the opportunity to feel and sense body parts that may need a little healing attention, and to feel and sense physical places that need to be opened, softened, strengthened, and more aligned. 

Practicing every day will vastly accelerate your healing and transformation process. Take pleasure in allowing your body to move on its own by witnessing how your body moves you!


yogaThe ancient practice of yoga is an experiential path of self-discovery and holistic health. It is a transformational life practice that can help people of all ages improve physical fitness, flexibility, range of motion and balance, as well as mental clarity, stress management, self-understanding, and overall well-being. All of our yoga classes are based on traditional Hatha Yoga technique and principles of alignment. We strive to help each student develop a balanced and appropriate practice based on his or her needs and abilities. Modifications and adaptations are provided, emphasizing the function of each asana (pose) over the form. Through the time-tested practice of yoga, you'll begin to move with greater fluidity, ease, flexibility, grace, and authenticity.

Classes include yoga postures (asanas) and exercises, breath and energy work (pranayama), and meditation. Our Yoga Basics series are most appropriate for beginners, those with very limited flexibility, and anyone who prefers a slower, gentler class. The drop-in classes will introduce inversions, flowing sequences and more challenging poses. The focus of our yoga classes is to help students develop an ongoing practice that is personal, nurturing, and joyful.
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Yoga for Better Health

Connect deeply with your body through a lighthearted yoga class that brings awareness to your day-to-day alignment and releases everyday tensions.

This class teaches the fundamentals of yoga to help build strength, flexibility, balance, restoration and deeper understanding of asanas while having the body’s skeletal system in proper alignment to prevent and rehabilitate injury.

Each class will vary, usually consisting of pranayama (yoga breathwork) and individual asana study, working specific muscle groups or parts of the body with an emphasis on strengthening, improving range of motion, and releasing tension and tightness. This is an informal, lighthearted class where you can focus on what your body needs. Suitable for all levels, with modifications provided when needed.

Yoga Fundamentals & Flow

This class is for beginning and intermediate yoga students who want to elevate their practice and improve their asana skills. The class focuses on alignment, precision and technique, while providing a deep stretch. It includes some basic vinyasa flow to build stamina, grace, and the ability to move effortlessly and mindfully from one posture to the next. Emphasis is on lengthening the muscles to increase flexibility and strength. Familiarity with standing poses is helpful, so this class is not recommended for absolute beginners who have not taken a Yoga Basics Series or other beginning yoga class.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is a breath centered class structured around rejuvenating and healing. Yoga props like blankets, blocks, straps and the wall are often used for a safe practice.

The class will be held at a slower pace and will focus on toning and stretching with awareness while releasing stress and tension. 

Gentle Yoga is open to all levels, modifications and if needed intensifications of the poses will be taught. As always if you have a injury, talk to your doctor first and let the teacher know of your limitations.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation

With movement, breath and meditation, reset your week with this mid-week class! Improve your posture and flexibility, and calm the mind.

Letting go of tension held in the body and mind, this yoga practice prepares the body for breathwork, breathwork prepares your mind for mediation. Move softly, release gently and feel at peace wth increased clarity.

All levels welcome.

Gentle Yoga Flow

This gentle or “slow flow” Vinyasa practice consists of basic yoga postures, put together in a conscious, deliberate and secure flow coinciding with the breath. The poses are broken down using thorough instruction, proper alignment tips, substantial modifications, and use of props like blocks, straps and blankets. Each class will also incorporate mindful movement and exploring deep stretch towards the end of the practice.

Gentle Yoga Flow is ideal for anyone who enjoys a moderate, slower paced yoga class. This class is suitable for students simply looking for a more tranquil practice, beginners, seniors, or practitioners recovering from injury. Some basic yoga experience like the Yoga Basics series is helpful.

Iyengar Hatha Yoga

The practice of cardiovascular and meditative Iyengar Hatha Yoga postures will enhance flexibility and increase stamina, body awareness and breath. The Iyengar method is known for meticulous alignment, detailed instruction, generous use of props to feel the correct direction, and lengthening the time in the pose as well as the breath.

Yoga Flowyogaflow

Experience a dynamic flowing yoga, a fusion of Sun Salutations and a unique, eclectic series of postures linking breath with movement. This class flows like the waves of the ocean, smooth and gentle, powerful and challenging, fluid and free. Explore the depths of possibility beneath the surface, allow any fears and worries to float away, and emerge buoyant, refreshed and full of life, discovering a potential you never knew existed within. Increase strength, flexibility, and balance, reverse the effects of aging, rejuvenate the nervous system, and calm the mind. Modifications are offered to help meet each student’s individual needs.  


Viniyoga is a Sanskrit term that means differentiation, adaptation, and appropriate application. As a style of practice, it is a highly therapeutic yet challenging form of yoga that empowers students to choose from several adaptations in each asana (yoga pose) to make the practice relevant to their own needs, rather than striving to reach an "ideal form" in the postures. Some other elements that differientiate Viniyoga from other forms of yoga are the conscious linking of the movements to a progressively deeper breath, the judicious use of repetition of movements and holding of postures, and the understanding that as we age, so our practice should change to support balance and health. Viniyoga offers the same benefits of other hatha yoga styles but is quite unique in many ways and needs to be experienced to be appreciated. Because of its adaptability, this method is appropriate for all levels of practitioner.


chogaChogaflow™ is a unique chair yoga practice, done both seated and standing, integrating breath with movement. Chogaflow™ is ideal if you are new to practicing yoga, if physical limitations prevent you from getting up and down from the floor easily, or if you prefer a less strenuous class. Chogaflow™ emphasizes alignment, allowing you to explore poses in an anatomically correct way. You will enjoy the many benefits of a traditional yoga practice without ever having your knees touch the floor. Join Valerie Rogers, the creator of Chogaflow™ as she guides you through a fun, easy-to-follow, safe journey of self exploration. Experience increased vitality, flexibility, strength, and balance. Modifications are offered to meet individual needs.

Mindful Yoga

By bringing conscious awareness to the breath, bring your body and mind back together into union. In this class, we’ll create and enjoy present moment awareness, while combining yin, restorative, and gentle dynamic movement, as well as mindfulness practices, which may include short periods of sitting and walking meditation.

While all yoga includes an invitation to practice mindfulness, this class will provide a slower, more intentional focus of cultivating awareness as the primary practice. Offered as a gentle class appropriate for anyone, you’ll also be invited to explore more challenging variations and are encouraged to bring your attention to, and honor, your level of physical ability, extending your practice of mindfulness to include compassionate care for yourself. By practicing in this way, you’ll begin to bridge the gap between how you practice yoga and how you bring your practice into your daily life.

Release and Flow Yoga

A fusion of slow flow yoga and massage ball work, this unique class combines long holds and invigorating, meditative flow linked by the breath. Each class promotes myofascial release while enhancing awareness to shift long-held patterns of mind (thought) and body (movement) for renewal and healing.

The flow begins by warming the body with massage ball work and transitions into a creative sequencing of yoga poses, ending with a restful cool down before easing into deep relaxation. Beneficial for de-stressing, re-energizing and moving beyond tension in your yoga practice.

Restorative Yoga

restorativeA gentle, slower-paced Hatha yoga class focusing on passive, supported poses and breathwork to allow the body to open, release and stretch. Restorative yoga aids sleep; rejuvenates; and heals the effects of stress, fatigue and illness. By slowing down and withdrawing from the hectic pace of our daily lives, we restore balance to the autonomic nervous system and greatly reduce stress. These postures are supported by blankets, blocks and other props and are held for several minutes, allowing the body to release and stretch deeply. Remaining in these "effortless" postures longer allows physical and emotional blocks in the body to release.  Restorative Yoga is a beneficial addition and complement to any style of yoga practice. Yoga Journal describes it this way: "Some yoga poses taste a little bit sweeter than others. And if yoga were a smorgasbord, restorative postures would most definitely be at the dessert table." 

We have enough blankets at the studio to provide about two per person for a typical class. Many restorative poses need more than this (4 or 5 per person) to be completely comfortable and effective. We strongly recommend purchasing and bringing your own blankets, mats, bolsters, etc. for the best possible restorative experience. Any type of firm, flat blanket will do, they don't have to be yoga blankets specifically. Yoga mats and blankets are usually available for purchase in our Abundance Boutique; yoga supplies are also widely available online.

Deep Stretch Yoga
Tight muscles are often the source of pain in the knees, back and shoulders and can contribute to injury. Stretching improves circulation, can speed recovery after muscle injuries, and helps to diminish pain by improving range of motion. This is beneficial to any physical practice, fitness regime, or simply performing the tasks of everyday life. This yoga class will focus on the seated and lying yoga poses and the use of props that allow all participants to experience poses more easily and fully. Breathing techniques are emphasized to relax muscles, deepen the stretch, and increase flexibility.
Yoga: Stretch, Strength & Serenity

This mixed-level class is aimed at keeping bodies and minds fit, flexible and functioning and helping students find center and balance on and off the mat. 

yogassands2Class includes deep stretching, restorative poses, a standing practice for building strength and improving balance, as well as time for rest, serenity and self-exploration. Students can expect relief from common chronic issues, including neck and back pain. They can also expect a conscious, careful and gentle approach to an ongoing yoga practice. Some yoga experience recommended.

Prenatal Yoga
The benefits of attending a prenatal yoga class are far beyond what you can receive by simply modifying a regular yoga or exercise class. Our Mamaste™ prenatal yoga classes are specifically designed to help prepare the body and the mind for labor, delivery and motherhood.  The exercises are carefully chosen to be safe for mom and baby, to maintain or correct posture and to relieve neck and lower back pain, sciatica symptoms, cramps and other common complaints associated with pregnancy. You will learn specialized movements and breathing techniques to be used during labor. Learn to relax on command and to keep a positive outlook while clearing the mind of the stresses associated with pregnancy and motherhood.  Deepen the bond with your baby and enjoy support and encouragement from the other students. Many lifelong friendships start in prenatal yoga classes!  These classes are appropriate for both beginning and experienced yoga practitioners in their second and third trimesters and conform to the safety guidelines of the American College of Obstretricians and Gynecologists for exercise during pregnancy. A physician’s release is required, available online here. A postnatal "Mommy & Me" class series is also available.  In addition, private and semi-private sessions are available with certified prenatal instructor MiMi Mears

Core & More

A fun and upbeat hybrid class that will challenge you to strengthen your entire body. Be strong, so you can live your life with greater ease.

The format consists of exercises to isolate and strengthen core muscles, hand weights to strengthen the upper body, and standing and seated yoga poses to improve lower body strength and flexibility. Sliding exercise discs, barre work, and exercise balls are used to help enhance your mobility, stability, and posture.

There is an emphasis on moving mindfully and using the breath to obtain proper alignment. The results are improved endurance, flexibility and energy.

This class is designed to strengthen you, to make your life easier, every day. Wouldn’t it feel great to pick up that heavy box in your garage, or case of bottled water from the grocery store, with confidence in your body? Make it a personal challenge to increase the weight you lift, so you can live your everyday life from a stronger position.

Many times women are hesitant to pick up weights heavier than 2lbs, with the fear of “bulking up”. But lifting heavier weights does not automatically create a “bulky” physique. Our body is accustomed to picking up items heavier than 2lbs- have you lifted your laptop, child, or purse lately? Our bodies are craving increased movement and our muscles are craving a challenge. Let’s combat the stationary lifestyle we lead.

What are you willing to do, so you can live your life with greater ease?

All levels encouraged and welcome.

HIIT the Barre

HIIT The Barre includes 30 minutes of high intensity, interval training class combined with classic barre moves. The class flows to popular, upbeat music to keep your heart rate pumping and your muscles shaking. HIIT has been shown to elevate heart rate, increase metabolism, an aerobically challenge the body, while barre uses isometric movements (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements to improve muscular strength and endurance. This results in strong, lean flexible muscles! This class begins with a dynamic warm up, followed by upper body, thigh and glute intervals. We wrap up with core work to leave you feeling strong and balanced.

Raise the Barre! Ballet Workout

balletbarreRaise the bar on your workout and sculpt a dancer’s body with ballet-based barre and floor exercises. Ballet works muscles you may not be accessing in other forms of fitness. It creates a long, lean physique and helps strengthen and shape the feet, legs, glutes, abdomen, back and upper arms. Improved alignment, balance, posture and grace are added benefits. Classes may include barre and floor exercises, light hand weights, and stretching.

No dance experience needed. Socks or ballet slippers are suggested but may be done barefoot as well.


A total body fusion of yoga, pilates and ballet to combine the ultimate workout. Increases cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility all while getting your groove on. No muscle will be untouched and you will get in the best shape of your life!


bellydanceBellydance is an increasingly popular form of fitness, recreation and personal expression for many women. In this class you'll learn and practice the graceful, mesmerizing movements of cabaret-style Middle Eastern bellydance. Bellydance is based on movements that are natural to the body. People of all ages, body types and levels of fitness can do it. Those who don't enjoy traditional fitness routines may find new passion for movement when it's accompanied by exotic music, colorful veils, and tinkling hip scarves. And for those who are already physically fit, bellydance can provide a new physical and mental challenge as you learn to move your body in new ways. While there are many opportunities to perform bellydance as an amateur or professional, you don't have to want to perform to benefit from this fun and healthy style of dance. It will help you tone and strengthen, release stress and tension in the body, move with more grace and fluidity, and celebrate your innate feminine power.

Prior dance experience is not required for our mixed-level classes, but is recommended. Bellydance Basics series is the best place to start for new beginners.


BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world. Its cardio workout cycles between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating, and motivated all at the same time. At the very core of a BollyX workout is the inspiration it draws from the music and dance of Bollywood, the film industry of India. We embody the infectious energy, expression and movement of Bollywood and aim to expand the reach of fitness to more people worldwide.

No prior dance experience is required – just a positive attitude and the desire to unleash your inner swagger!

Hoop Dance

Get a new spin on life and fitness with hoop dancing! This upbeat, aerobic workout blends the invigoration of cardio with a mind-body connection while improving balance, flexibility and core strength. We will hoop at the waist, hips and off the body while moving and dancing with the hoop. No prior hooping experience required. Just come ready to have fun! If you find you need a little more basic instruction, check out our Hoop Dance Basics series. 

A few loaner hoops will be available for use during the drop-in class, but you'll want to have your own if you plan to be a regular hooper. This is not the same as your child’s flimsy plastic hoop! Talk with your instructor or front desk staff if you're not sure what to get. Sassy Hoops are available for purchase in the Abundance Boutique.

U-Jam Fitness®

U-Jam Fitness unites world beats with urban flavor and takes you around the world from Hip-Hop to Bollywood, with an intense cardiovascular workout! 

Featuring easy to learn dance steps choreographed to high energy music that makes you sweat, tones your body, and leaves you craving for more!

U-Jam Fitness makes exercise fun!

(Please be sure any street shoes worn into the studio are CLEAN before entering the studio!)


cardiolatinLift your heartrate as well as your spirit! This is a cardio dance class that also helps you let loose and have some fun while you salsa, merengue, bellydance and bhangra to a world beat. The routines feature resistance training as well as interval training sessions; fast and slow rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning some serious fat. Blend some Latin flavor, an international soundtrack and today's hottest moves into the mix, and you've got Zumba! Join the party. No experience necessary. Soft-soled dance shoes or sneakers recommended. (Please be sure any street shoes worn into the studio are CLEAN before entering the studio!)

Find out more about Zumba™.
Watch what happens in a MoveStudio Zumba™ class.

Zumba™ Toning

Shake things up! This special Zumba class adds the challenge of weighted maracas (Zumba Toning Sticks) to increase your upper body workout as well as the fun factor!  These are not your average dumbbells: Filled with sand, they allow more “give” than traditional hand weights and let you shake, rattle and rock your way to sexy, leaner muscles and a more sculpted shape. Note: If you do not yet have Toning Sticks, the class may be done without them or using one-pound barbell-shaped hand weights as a substitute. Toning Sticks are available for purchase in the Abundance Boutique at MoveStudio or online from Zumba.

Hip Hop

This mixed-level class focuses on the latest hip hop and music video moves, emphasizing coordination, isolations and cardio. It's high-energy, fast-paced, and choreography-intensive. With familiar moves you will feel comfortable using outside the studio, and challenging enough to make you break a sweat, this class is for everyone! We incorporate other dance genres such as Salsa and African dance for a more fun and challenging experience. Each class will include a 15-20 minute dance-based stretch and strengthen warm-up. Previous dance experience is not required, but will be helpful. Whether you're in need of a good dance workout or getting ready for auditions, this class has something for everybody... new kids on the block and pros alike!

Sturdy sneakers and flexible clothing (no tight-fitting street wear) are recommended; no jazz shoes or bare feet, for safety reasons.  (Please be sure any street shoes worn into the studio are CLEAN before entering the space!)

Check out some video clips of choreography from Geena's hip hop classes! 


Toni Bergins' JourneyDance moves you through deep personal exploration in a loving, intimate relationship with body, mind, and source energy. JourneyDance™ is an exhilarating union of dance, visualization, sensuality and ritual which calls us to get funky and divine!

We embody our physical temple, unleashing animal energies from within as we ground ourselves. We explore our inner realms, delving and diving into our ocean of emotion. We connect with our inner shaman created to burn the mind's clogging clutter and make space for the abundance of joy available to us.

As we create this powerful ritual together we transform. Liberating old cellular memories, and cleansing the mind-body with breath and sweat, we elevate our vibration.

JourneyDance™ is for everyone. No previous movement or dance experience is necessary. Travel this sacred and provocative journey to feel bliss, express yourself as soul: you are the prayer.

Ecstatic Dance / Conscious Dance

Dance the way your body wants to, without choreography or judgment! Get out of your head and into your body, discovering the innate body wisdom you possess. Ecstatic Dance (also known as Conscious Dance) is an authentic, spontaneous, expressive, meditative movement practice that incorporates elements of various methods including 5Rhythms™, Kundalini Dance, TranceDance, DanceMeditation, etc. Go beyond the limits of your habitual movement patterns and explore your unique inner dance. No experience needed, just a willingness to move and be moved! 

ecstaticdanceWe typically dance barefoot at our own pace, without verbal interaction. There is no choreography or instruction, but a focus and other suggestions may be offered by the facilitator to help deepen your experience. You're free to dance by yourself, with another, or join a spontaneous group expression. The eclectic music gradually builds to a high energy level and then winds back down to a meditative, relaxing finish. Be prepared to sweat. The Ecstatic Dance community is a "tribe" that enjoys dancing and growing together, and all are welcome. 

Find more local Ecstatic Dance opportunities at the Conscious Movement Dallas Facebook page.

Tai Chi

An effective means of alleviating stress & anxiety, this ‘meditation in motion’ promotes inner peace, greater awareness. Tai Chi is known for important health benefits.

“In various recent studies and reviews, tai chi has been found to improve practitioners’ balance, leg strength, cardiovascular endurance, pulse rate, muscular flexibility, immune system response, sleep habits, happiness, sense of self-worth, & ability to concentrate & multitask during cognitive tests.” -“Ask Well: What Are the Benefits of Tai Chi?” By Gretchen Reynolds

Beginners welcome!

Practice consists of: Qigong, Silk Reeling, Tai Chi Formwork, & Push Hands.

Qigong (Chee – Gohng) – Breath Training: Literally meaning, “Breath Work,” Qigong is a cornerstone in many Asian disciplines. Similar to Pranayama in Yoga, Qigong training teaches one to regulate the breath, and therefore the body, through specific exercises and techniques.

Silk Reeling (Chan Si Jing): Silk Reeling refers to any of a series of repetitive spiraling movements which teach a deep level of coordination and relaxation. Through this practice students learn to move the body as a coherent, whole–when one part moves, all parts move. These exercises are the foundation for the movements in Tai Chi.

Formwork (Tao Lu): A form is a set series of movements which are linked together and practiced continuously in a predetermined order. Forms form an idea and, in Tai Chi, continue the work begun with Qigong and Silk Reeling practices – further developing coordination, proper body mechanics (Shen Fa in Chinese), and adding a new dimension to practice.

Push Hands (Tui Shou): The term “Push Hands” refers to any number of 2-person exercises practiced primarily in Tai Chi. Through proper Push Hands training a student takes the mechanics, focus, coordination, and relaxation initially developed through solo practice and learns to work with another person, utilizing their skills under positive pressure and with feedback from their partner.

If Qigong is the alphabet, Silk Reeling exercises are words, and a Tai Chi form is a paragraph expressing a complete thought – then Push Hands is a conversation between two practitioners.