Free 25-min sessions:
Zumba, Pilates Mat, Release & Flow Yoga, Hoop Dance, Floor Play Workout,
Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement,
Bellydance, Nia, Pilates Equipment, Barre


3 Saturdays, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31, FREE!
See below for class schedule times. Come for one or more sessions!
Invite your friends! No registration necessary

It's a new year. A time to re-evaluate. A time to rediscover the core of who
you are and what makes you unique.

So, this January, we invite you to try a new practice and explore what makes you YOUnique. Discover lots of new ways to love the way you move and feel
good with our Resolution Sampler Saturdays.

These three Saturdays give you a chance to taste free 25 minute sampler sessions of our favorite classes-take just one session, or as many as you like!

So what are you waiting for? New year. New you. New practices to explore.

Make a resolution you can stick to. Resolve to try something new at MoveStudio with our Resolution Sampler Saturdays!

January 17
Free Sampler Sessions: 1p, 1:30p, 2p

1-1:25p Zumba with Ivonne  
Fun cardio dance fitness fusing Latin/global rhythms and easy-to-follow steps with interval training and body sculpting moves.

1:30-1:55p: Pilates Mat with Chantal
The classic Pilates Method tones and lengthens muscles, improves flexibility, strengthens the back, and builds core strength/stability through a flowing series of mat exercises.

2-2:25p: Release & Flow Yoga with Cindy
A fusion of slow flow and massage ball work for renewal and healing, beneficial for de-stressing, re-energizing and moving beyond tension.

January 24
Free Sampler Sessions: 1p, 1:30p, 2p, 2:30p, 3p

1p-1:25p Hoop Dance with Blythe
A fun cardiovascular & toning workout for adults and a new fitness spin on a favorite childhood activity, the hula hoop. Adult-sized hoops and creative moves keep you spinning! 

1:30-1:55p Floor Play with Shannon
Using gravity, space, time, sound and light hand weights, you will use the art of play and the art of moving on the floor to become strong, stretched, defined, balanced and fit.   

1:30p-1:55p Be Free! in the New Year
Embrace New Ways to Think Your Way Out of Stress and Use Essential Oils to promote Your Well-being

Wellness Talk with Jenny Bair with Living Well Dallas  

Tired of the radio station that plays in your head causing you to be more self-critical, judging, controlling, or just plain worried or panicked that things won’t turn out?

Then come learn some simple ways to incorporate techniques into your daily life that can make a HUGE difference when you practice them. Also, leverage your thinking and being with the power of essential oils for your mental, physical, and relational health.

Jenny Bair, MHE, the Passioneer of Purpose has spent the last 20+ years teaching, coaching, and organizing individuals, couples and companies to live healthier in a way that makes sense to them as she believes that “Work with yourself and not against yourself. You are own expert of YOU.”

2p-2:25p Get Your Sizzle Back in Life and the Bedroom!
(For ladies ONLY please)
Wellness Talk with Jenny Bair with Living Well Dallas

Learn some tools and techniques that you can start using right away to gain your power, zestiness, spark and passion back in your life in 2015!

Ms. Bair, MHE, The Passioneer of Purpose and Co-owner of Living Well Dallas will share some concepts and tips to bring you forward every day in all of the roles you possess.

Bring your sensuality, senses, play, more laughter and sex into your new year in a way that makes sense for you.

2:30-2:55 Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement with Angela
Guided, purposeful exercises to help improve movement awareness, function and ability.

3-3:25 Yoga with Louise  
Quiet your mind as you stretch, strengthen, open and balance your body with the ancient practice of Hatha Yoga, including asana, pranayama, and meditation.

January 31
Free Sampler Sessions: 1p, 1:30p, 2p, 2:30p

1-1:25p Bellydance with Magdelena
Learn the movements and steps of traditional middle eastern bellydance while you tone and strengthen your core, express yourself, and celebrate the feminine.

1:30-1:55p Nia with Jule  
An energizing, body-friendly cardio workout blending elements of aerobics, modern and jazz dance, martial arts, yoga, healing bodywork, expressive movement, and powerful imagery.

2-2:30p Pilates Equipment with Cheryl
An intense full-body workout on the Reformer, Tower and Chair apparatus.

2:30-2:55 Raise the Barre! Ballet Workout with Cheryl
Sculpt a dancer’s body with ballet-based barre and floor exercises, light handweights and stretching.


Saturday, February 14- Friday, February 20

This week we'll be showering love and appreciation on our Instructors and Staff with prize drawings, acknowledgments, gifts and more! Everyone can get involved, and we need your help to make this a most unforgettable week! Here’s what’s happening and how to get involved:

- Leave your instructor a "love note" full of kind words and appreciation at the front desk. What impact do they have in your life? Take this opportunity to let them know! Note cards provided!

- Post a tribute on our Facebook page and tag your favorite instructors.

- Snap a pic of you and a favorite instructor and post it on our fan page or Tweet it, tagging #movestudio.

- Feel free to bring treats, tokens of appreciation or gifts from the heart for the staff and instructors that make MoveStudio so special

- MoveStudio will also be providing instructors with daily treats at the front desk!

- Grab a marker and sign the "We <3 our Instructors & Staff" banner in the foyer with a general note of appreciation

- Instructors, stop by the front desk daily for your “treat of the day” February 14-20! Also watch the Facebook page to see announcements of daily winners!

Let's show them some love!

with Chris Harris, Founder of Private Self-Defense and author of several books on the subject of Personal Safety, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Self-Defense

next date tba

$50 if registered early, or $60 thereafter 

Mother/Daughter/Family Member discount: $5 off each person's enrollment (must register in person or call studio at 972.732.0206 for this discount.)

Knowing how to effectively protect yourself provides confidence, peace of mind, and an improved sense of well being. And, if you're a mother, knowing how to protect your children in a threatening situation is invaluable.

chris2Understand innate, involuntary reactions, and use them to your benefit, whether you are grabbed, tackled or hit. Through audio, visual and kinetic exercises, learn:
  • how to avoid being hit
  • how to avoid being grabbed
  • how to break from someone else's control or a constrained situation
This Women's Self-Defense Course is a dynamic 3-hour hands-on seminar that was created specifically for women and teenagers who want to know how to protect themselves NOW. Everything that is learned can be used immediately, with no need for practice and regardless of ones size, strength, or previous experience.

Bring a bottle of water, and wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. Course open women and teenagers, ages 13+.

chrisAbout Chris Harris: Chris is a personal safety and close quarters combat expert who has been teaching professionally since 1993. Over the past 20 years he has trained elite Special Forces, Military, Law Enforcement, Federal Agencies, and Private Security Companies, both domestically and abroad. In addition, he has also worked with Fortune 500 Companies and has been interviewed on numerous television and radio programs as a leading expert in his field.

Chris Harris has authored several books on the subject of Personal Safety, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Self-Defense. In addition to being a Published Author, he is also a U.S. Military Veteran, a Patented Inventor of non-lethal safety products, a Martial Arts Hall-of-Famer, and the Founder of CORE 18. For more info, visit Chris' website.



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